Guy Kicks a Cat for Fun — Friends Laugh!!!

This guy’s story should serve a lesson to young people everywhere. You want friends that are smarter than you, rather than more “stupid”. Why not find a football and help your friend practice?

Meet Andre Robinson the guy who got his friends to film him while he attracted a stray cat with some kibble, then kicked him 20 feet in the air up and over a fence. We don’t encourage you to watch the video but the clip is now evidence in the charges being brought up against him.


What about this friends, let’shope they are also punished if not as conspirators in the attack on a defenseless animal but then just for being “extremely stupid people“. Why let your friend do that?


We are human beings, we can be better than that! If not, look at what happened to “King” the cat as a result…King The Brooklyn Cat Recovers After Being Kicked 20 feet in the Air.

“King” the cat, will probably find a good home and Andre Robinson, will find some new friends behind bars.

Is that the kind of Facebook fame he was looking for? Perhaps…let’s hope he gets sentenced soon!

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