Dog is Rescued from Frozen Lake

We love story’s like this. Fellow human beings doing everything they can to save a pooch’s life!!!!

Captain Tom Langevin of the Waterboro Fire Department in Maine makes his way across the ice of Little Ossipee Lake to save a dog after the pooch fell through the ice. Photo courtesy of Waterboro Fire Department

Langevin helps Dakota get back up on the solid ice after the dog fell through into Little Ossipee Lake. Photo courtesy of Waterboro Fire Department photo

A Waterboro dog is recovering from an unexpected dip into a partially frozen lake early Wednesday morning.

Dakota the dog was pulled out of Little Ossipee Lake by Capt. Tom Langevin – known in the Waterboro Fire Department as the in-house Dr. Doolittle – around 8 a.m. Wednesday. The wayward pooch wandered about 100 feet away from shore but slipped into the water when the thin layer of ice broke. Read More….

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