Dachshund’s Microchip is a Christmas Gift

Girl from Olathe, Kansas lost her dog

And it was found as a stray in Florida through the help of the Dachshund’s microchip. We heard the story this morning on CNN but couldn’t find it on their website. It was such a wonderful story that we scoured the internet to find it.

Stray Dog Lost in Florida is Reunited with her Owner just in time for Christmas (Original News Article No longer Available)

Dachshund’s can be some of the cutest lap dogs. Take a look at this cute puppy — (this is not the lost Dachshund).


Abby Mason thanked her mom and a fellow Dachshund owner named Krista for helping pick up the stray dachshund in Florida where it turned up after 6 months. A microchip saves the day once again.


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