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Dogs Miss People Too

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Pekingese Dog misses Dad, Yellow Lab tries to comfort her.

Dad went to Taipei this week and our Pekingese dog started missing him the first day. Lucy sat there quietly while our Yellow Lab, Casey, came over to make sure she is OK.

When mom travels, Casey (our Yellow Lab) sheds like crazy, she even winces when she is sleeping and wakes up startled realizing that mom is gone.

It is only the first day with Dad gone, but Lucy thinks he is just at work. Let’s see how she reacts tomorrow when he is still not here.

No matter what breed you have, this is evidence that dogs miss people too. We hope this will help you answer your question: “Should I take my dog on my trip?” It is up to you.

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Silly Dog

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Souvenir from Disneyland

On a trip to Disneyland last month, we brought back a Goofy hat and as you can see, the silly hat looks great on my yellow lab.


We had a lot of fun visiting the different themes, and although our trip was cut short, we enjoyed the Disneyland parade but we couldn’t see the fireworks show. This souvenir will help us remember the fun we had; if you get to go, be sure to pick up one of their silly hats.

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