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When we relocated, we knew it would be traumatizing for our dogs to be in the belly of the plane for so long. Never did we anticipate an airline could lose our pups — before we even took off!

Instead of booking our flights, mommy made plans to drive her Toyota Sequoia from Valley Forge Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, making several stops along the way. After reading the story “Delta Air Lines loses passenger’s dog before flight to Florida“, she is once again reminded on how blessed we are to have made that decision.

We pray for Ty’s safe return. His owners miss him dearly. If you see him in the Los Angeles area, please call THE NOHO DOG HOUSE at 818-753-4325. This is where the dog was adopted. A $1,000 reward is being offered — no questions asked.


We hope this story will have a happy ending. Remember the Dachshund That was Found In Time for Christmas?

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Dogs on Scooter

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Taipei Scooter owners, and their dog

Apparently scooters are the preferred form of transportation for locals in Taipei — and who wouldn’t want to take their doggies for a ride?

Here are two doggies inside a basket and enjoying the wind as the driver whizzes by.

Then a couple gets caught riding and talking on the cellphone. They pull over for a picture.

Actually, this local couple and their doggy were generous enough to pose for 3 pictures. So, if you plan to visit Taipei, you will be glad to know that scooter rentals are everywhere. The experience of taking your doggy for a ride in an Asian country may be very enjoyable for you and the dog — something you cannot do in America.

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