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Labradors are the Most Obedient

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Dog Training can be easy with a Yellow Lab in your life

You have seen Casey’s beautiful puppy pictures and although she loved playing in the snow, she always had time for a little bite when we would yell, “Casey, come.” As soon as she reached us, she knew an Old Mother Hubbard Baking Co, Mini Treat was her reward. Now years later, she is still the most obedient, and the same treats await her.

You may ask “why not feed her the larger breed treats”? A female Labrador should weigh 59.5 to 77.0 pounds or 27–35 kg (for non American visitors) and we love rewarding Casey often as she is a great dog! With a Lucy — the Pekingese — by her side the mini treats are for both. We do admit Casey gets two.

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Puppy Training

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Train your Puppy from the very first day.


Puppies will be scared at their new surroundings and they will need you to take the lead and show them the way. That’s why it is very important to schedule your 6-week Pet Beginner Education at Pet Smart today!


You too can be the proud parent of our kids with paws. After the 6-week pet training course, you will ready to lead your puppy for years to come. Your puppy will be so much more obedient than before; but be sure to keep reminding yourself and your dog of each command and the action to take when the puppy should be rewarded. Dog Training has never been this easy!

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