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Our Dogs Love Lounging

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If you know dogs, we know you share our sentiments when we say “We Love Our Dogs”. Here you have them lounging on Mommy’s bed which it is not a rare occurrence. Who needs a doggy bed when there are a few to choose from?

Our Yellow Labrador, Casey, is turning 12 this year and these days she loves to be on ANY bed in the house — preferably Mommy’s.

As you can see, not even “camera attention” can move her. Our Pekingese on the other hand…

Lucy, our 6 year old Pekingese is ready to jump off the bed as soon as she hears a noise outside. According to her, anyone walking in front of the house is trespassing!!!!

She doesn’t take long to react at us intruding on her relaxation time!

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Dogs Plunge for Treats

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East coast dogs love the outdoors and they love the water — especially when the water is at the right temperature and brought indoors. Having a treat is waiting for them at the end of their plunge is guaranteed.

Video courtesy of New Jersey’s StarLedger’s October 8th Article. Here is an excerpt:

“Dock diving dogs are making a splash at pet expos and hunting festivals worldwide. Canines compete by leaping into water to fetch a toy and swimming back to their handlers. There are different contests measuring distance, height and speed.

Dozens of dogs from New Jersey and beyond took the plunge during the Ocean County Decoy and Gunning Show in Tuckerton last month. The animals sprinted off a platform into a pool, chasing after sticks and toys.

John and Diane Cross of Cape May brought their black Labrador retriever to the event. The dog, named Astro Abraham, tried diving into the pool for the first time…”

Read the complete article at Dogs compete for treats in a Dock Diving Tournament

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