Andre Robinson Awaits Sentencing

It has been six months since 22-year old Andre Robinson brutally kicked a pussycat 20 feet in the air while his friends filmed him. In the video, you hear how “hilarious” the whole thing was and Andre reacts buy exerting a very demonstrable laugh like he made the football team!

It turns out, he was back in court Monday as his trial came to an end. He now awaits sentencing.

According to the Fox News Article, Andre pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty, went as far as to say the cat was bothering him and that it was a spur of the moment.

His lawyer’s argue this was a first offense although he has been arrested before for — get this — robbery at knife point!

Any cat owner would want him to go to jail! He could have walked away from the cat, now let’s see if he can walk away from spending 1 year behind bars. Had he kicked a human, the person would have fought back, would he had killed the person with his knife?

Let’s see what happens next!


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