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Everything you want to know about my dogs

Doggies have been part of my life and will continue to bring love to our family for years to come.  My dad had pekingese dog when he met my mom and when they got married they had 3 pekingese dogs.  I got to play with 2 of them and in 2003 we got a Yellow Lab who is now about to turn 9 and in 2009 we got another Pekingese who is about to turn 3.

I am closer with the playfulyellow lab and her name is Casey. I’ve had Casey since I was 3 years old and she was a beautiful puppy at 12 weeks young.

Lucy is the cutest pekingese dog you could ever want! Fiesty, proud, stubborn, all rolled up into a ball of love. We rescued her when she was 6 months and it only took one week before she was all smiles!



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