8-yr. Old Boy Misses his Puppy


The puppy got lost on October 23 but then someone claimed him as their own. Such a cute doggy, the fake owner quickly turned to craigslist or offerupnow to get some quick cash — get this…for drugs.


Kim Manzano put up fliers around her neighborhood and at an apartment complex near her home in South Hill home in Washington. South Hill is located in Pierce County, Washington, south of the city of Puyallup. After the staff at the apartment complex noticed the flyer, they called Kim to make sure the dog had been returned to her….WHAT?


Now a frantic search for Brodie! Not only does the 8 year-old owner miss Brodie, his French-Bulldog/Boston-Terrier mix pooch, but Cookie his 9 year-old Pug misses him too.

So, if you know someone who has a new French-Bulldog/Boston-Terrier Mix pup, let them know their owners miss him very much. I’m sure the payment they made will be returned to them.

Can you help? Yes, please HELP Find Brodie

Brodie is described as black and white. His front legs, chest and stomach are white, and his back legs are black, with white paws. He has one black toenail on his right front foot.

He was wearing a black collar with a pirate skull and crossbones pattern at the time he was stolen. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Tips are anonymous and can lead to a reward.

Read more at: The News Tribune

Help Find Brodie! Help Find Brodie! Help Find Brodie


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